We are living in tines when everything has gotten online, which is undoubtedly very easy and convenient. Now we all have heard of gambling haven’t we?So gambling includes placing a bet on something and obviously posing the risk of a loss. In recent times, online gambling has become quite popular among people of all ages. This basically means gambling on the internet. It can include betting in sports, online casinos etc. One very interesting fact about online gambling is that it first took place when the general public was made aware of the ticketing for the Liechtenstein International Lottery in October 1994. This market has really grown tremendously over the years while currently procuring a minimum of 40 billion dollars. It is illegal in many countries but is legal in parts of America, Carribbean and parts of Europe.

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Why is online Gambling becoming popular?

With the spread of COVID 19 most of the gamblers took refuge through online gambling to satisfy their gambling needs and to reduce their excitement. It is also very easily accessible to people who have a good internet connection and smartphones. Online casinos provide a variety of gaming options to choose from which makes people more inclined towards online gambling and end up becoming addicted. It has also made it very easy for people to earn large sum of money.

Is Online Gambling banned in India?

In India, gambling is banned in most of the states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc. This is because as stated by the Tamil Nadu government the Suicide rates due to gambling have been increasing tremendously so for the safety of the citizens of all ages online gambling has been banned. Currently there is only one law governing online gambling which is the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and is a very old law. Now with a few changes, online gambling is now allowed only in games which don’t completely rely on chance but are a game of skill which is still a better law. Like everything ha it’s pros and cons and so does online gambling it is okay until a person becomes addicted and it starts affecting them psychologically. So everything is good only if it is done in a limit. Playing games for fun is understandable but for money would definitely be convenient but very risky as it is not guaranteed there will only be profit and no loss. So one should do it only upto a certain limit. But, every bettor must know how to win slots online?.

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