Some countries don’t issue a license for gambling, and the United States is one the country that doesn’t grant a permit for betting. As most people think not all the betting sites are untrustworthy. For instance, qq poker online is one of the trusted poker websites that has never been involved in any cheating scandal.

Unfortunately, greed has corrupt online betting, and currently, several countries across the world don’t encourage gambling activity. Here are various reasons online poker betting has been taken as an illegal activity:

   Random-Number-Generator {RNG} is not so Random

RNG refers to complex virtual programs that can be distorted to develop subtle changes that affect the game and outcomes. Therefore it raises several questions such as whether poor beats online exist, or if extra big hands that come online like straight flushes and squads truly exists or if there are additional heads-up situation.

Online poker website supports its integrity

Most online betting auditors are usually independent; however, most of them are considered biased; the same website typically plays the reason being, online poker firms. That’s why in recent times, top best accounting firms decided to close down their own independent auditors.  And also major United States corporations have been forced to bankruptcy because of false accounting.

There have been numerous Cheating scandals.

Most online poker sites have been involved in cheating scandals. Most poker players have been complaining about being cheated by outsiders. However, online poker sites have never caught these allegations. And the reason these cases have become public is simply that poker players have carried out their independent analysis of what took place and decide to report.

Ten reasons that are against online poker betting

Cases of players losing after withdrawal or getting an edge

It can make sense if a business assists new players to get an edge. If a novice player wins, most likely he’ll keep playing even if he or she continues losing for several weeks later. Also, there’ve been complains regarding how players withdraw their funds once they win through an online poker website. Some even seem to forget how to gamble and start losing.

Online Poker website drains Brain especially college and teens students

According to Joe Cada, a player who admits that playing online poker for 21 years, he decided to drop out of school to gamble with an online poker game. Even though it worked out perfectly for Joe, you should ask yourself what of those students who have never won. The winning grand price seduction is usually strong to most people. However, it doesn’t come easily since you have to spend a lot of money trying.

  Naked women online poker player

You should avoid this idea at all cost. You don’t have to become a stripper to participate in online gambling. Also, qq poker online doesn’t encourage bad behaviour in online poker casino, and there are penalties to every individual who have been found violating these terms and conditions.

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