Hosting a casino night fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for your charity or non-profit organization. However, there are many things you need to consider and keep in mind to make your fundraiser a successful one. When planning a casino fundraiser in a state or an area, it is very important if it is legally possible to run a casino fundraiser in your area. It is advisable to go to the state’s gambling commission or visit the state’s attorney general for more inquiries. Also, it is essential to make realistic goals and planning of how much money you would like to rise. This step is a crucial key to a successful fundraiser event. Once this is determined, you can begin to figure out pricing and expenses too.

Tips for holding a Successful Casino Fundraising Party

A successful casino fundraiser requires extensive planning and can be the most successful fundraiser you will ever host. However, a casino night is a bit different from a casino party, where a guest needs to buy a ticket in advance. Once the guests arrive, they are given a generous number of chips as part of their ticket prices to play games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. No actual gambling takes place in a fundraiser night, but if you run out of chips, you can purchase more.

Plan Ahead.

Planning is the bedrock of every successful action. Planning a fundraising event ahead of time is essential. This planning must start at least six months out. Make sure you have all your sponsorships, plan out the raffle and ticket prices. This will give you enough time to speculate and accumulate ideas to put on a spectacular event.

Create a luxurious, elegant atmosphere

Creating an elegant atmosphere is the most crucial part of a fundraising party. Donation for tickets to a casino night is about $50 to $100, which may be too expensive for many couples. To ease the sting of this expensiveness, you must create an elegant event where the guest has a fabulous time. Look for beautiful casino themed decorations which excellent cuisines service. You can hire a DJ or musical act to provide rhythm go the soul with pleasant background music. Also, there should be provision for refreshment. All of that will make the guest feel a great luxurious night out without feeling they’ve wasted their money.

Tips for holding a Successful Casino Fundraising Party

Professional Casino Company

Hiring a casino company sounds a bit expensive, but it’s all worth the shot. A successful casino fundraising requires hiring the best if the best casino company. Creating a high-end event for your first is not very easy. Still, it will be correctly handled by a professional like the Agua Caliente in Palm Springs. Agua Caliente offers high-quality casino tables with trained dealers that websites guest enjoys an exciting night out.

Find the best Local Business for Sponsorship.

Local business owners are incredibly willing to sponsor a table at a fundraising event in return for some signage. By having this sponsorship, you’ll cover the cost of your professional casino party company at a time. Signage can be an ad posted on a table or hung on a wall during the event. You can increase the fun and the return on your sponsors advertising costs by having them play at the table too.

Include a Second Fundraising Idea in Your Casino Fundraiser

You can increase your profits by adding a live auction to the event. This will surely increase the complexity of your planning. Still, the added effort will help to raise money for your organization. If you schedule the live auction at the mid-point of the event, it will force guests who have planted themselves at a table to move away. This will free up space at each table when you resume play so that more people get a chance to play different games.

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