“Super Live Betting Weekend” Promotion

Background: Bet365, a reputable live betting site, launched the “Super Live Betting Weekend” promotion to attract new users and reward existing customers with exciting bonuses during a major sports event.

Objective: The main objective of this promotion was to increase customer engagement and canlı bahis siteleri activity during the weekend by offering enticing bonuses and promotions.

Promotion Details:

Duration: The promotion was set to run over the weekend, coinciding with a highly anticipated football tournament.

Bonus Offer: During the promotional period, users received a 25% bonus on their net live betting winnings up to a specified maximum bonus amount.

Eligibility: Both new and existing customers were eligible to participate in the promotion, encouraging new sign-ups and rewarding loyal users.

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Increased Betting Activity: The “Super Live Betting Weekend” promotion led to a significant surge in live betting activity on the platform during the promotional period. Users were motivated to place more live bets to maximize their potential bonus earnings.

New User Acquisition: The promotion attracted a considerable number of new users who signed up to take advantage of the bonus offer. Many of these new customers continued to use the platform even after the promotion ended.

Customer Retention: Existing customers appreciated the opportunity to earn additional bonuses on their live betting winnings. The promotion helped retain customers and encouraged them to continue betting on the site.

Conclusion: The “Super Live Betting Weekend” promotion proved to be a successful marketing strategy for Bet365. By offering attractive bonuses during a high-profile sports event, the live betting site increased customer engagement, acquired new users, and retained existing customers.

Case Study 2: “Money Back Special” Promotion

Background: William Hill, a well-known live betting site, introduced the “Money Back Special” promotion to provide users with an added layer of security when placing in-play bets on specific sports events.

Objective: The primary objective of this promotion was to boost live betting activity and minimize the risk for bettors by offering refunds in certain situations.

Promotion Details:

Covered Events: The “Money Back Special” promotion applied to selected high-profile sports events, such as major tennis tournaments and football matches.

Refund Criteria: Users who placed in-play bets on specified markets during the covered events were eligible for a refund if specific conditions were met. For example, if a user’s bet lost due to a late goal or a player’s withdrawal due to injury, they would receive a refund in the form of a free bet.

Free Bet Validity: Refunds were credited to users’ accounts as free bets and were valid for a specific period, encouraging customers to continue betting on the site.


Increased Live Betting Volume: The “Money Back Special” promotion generated a significant increase in live betting volume during the covered sports events. Users were more willing to place in-play bets, knowing they had the safety net of potential refunds.

User Satisfaction: Customers appreciated the added security provided by the promotion, especially in situations where the outcome of a bet was affected by unforeseen events. The refund feature enhanced user satisfaction and trust in the platform.

Brand Loyalty: The “Money Back Special” promotion contributed to increased brand loyalty, as users were more likely to return to William Hill for live betting, knowing they had the opportunity for refunds on selected events.


 The “Money Back Special” promotion implemented by William Hill successfully increased live betting activity and customer satisfaction. By offering refunds in certain situations, canlı bahis siteleri minimized the risk for users and strengthened brand loyalty.

Please note that the case studies mentioned are fictional examples for illustrative purposes. However, similar promotions and bonuses are often offered by various live betting sites to attract and retain users and enhance their live betting experience.

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